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     I have received several awards, a commendation, and a certification.  I have posted the ones I consider most important to me on this page.
United States Army Commendation
     In October of 1992, I received this letter.  Starting in June of 1991, me and two other people worked on a prototype designed to get key sections of equipment data from a military mainframe system onto portable drives for distribution to key personnel around the world.  We also designed software to view this information.  While working on the project, we discovered a lot of duplicate data.  With approval from our supervisor, we examined how the data was stored on the mainframe and designed a method to convert the data to a relational database while extracting it from the mainframe.  The relational database reduced the size of the full data set from 20 gigabytes to half a gigabyte.  With such a large reduction in storage space, we were now able to actually distribute the entire set of information using compact disks instead of just subsets of the data.  After creating several indexing systems, we increased the speed of data retrieval by 8.9 times the previous speed.  All three of us worked on the relational database design.  One person was responsible for extracting and reformatting the data from the mainframe.  The other two of us created the software application for the personal computer.  In addition, I worked on the application to load the data into the PC relational databases and the software installation package.  We took turns installing the software at locations around the country and demonstrating how to use the software.  The two locations where I did the installations were in Rock Island, IL and the Pentagon.  I had the privilege of demonstrating the software to a four star general at the Pentagon.
     In December of 1992, three members of my team were presented with the above commendation.  A couple of new members were added to the team after the relational database was created.
     In August of 1991, I joined a fitness center.  I started taking aerobics classes and eventually became interested in becoming an Aerobics Instructor.  On February 20, 1993, I flew up to Syracuse, NY to take a written exam to become certified as an Aerobics Instructor through the American Council on Exercise.  I passed the exam and was certified for two years.  My sister was attending Syracuse University at the time.  I was due to fly back home the day after the exam but I was stranded in Syracuse for three days due to a winter storm.  Syracuse had their airport runways cleared but none of the other airports on the east coast had their runways cleared.
     My certification was renewed in 1995 for another two years.  In order to renew my certification, I was required to attended classes during my first two years of certification and earn a set amount of credits in order to keep my certification.  During this time, my work schedule increased and I was unable to accumulate enough credits to renew my certification for a third time.
     On june 2, 1997, I completed the Dale Carnegie Course.
Professional Awards
     In 1996, I was working as a Systems Analyst/Engineer for Computer Resource Associates, Inc. on a contract for the Rite Aid Corporation.  The project involved the development of an integrated pharmacy system.  This project later expanded to include the development of the first pharmacy drive-thru.  In early September 1996, a group of Rite Aid stockholders was scheduled to view a demonstration of a mock integrated pharmacy we built in a warehouse.  The pharmacy was not quite ready at that time.  There were five CRA, Inc. employees working on this project at the time. We stayed on the job the night before the demonstration to test, verify and work out any problems with the system.  Three members of our team left at 10:00 pm.  Me and the other team member stayed to finish up any outstanding problems.  We finished up around 4:00 am.  I went home, took an hour nap, took a shower ad then headed back to work just in time for the 9:00 am demonstration.
     In 1997, I was working for KnowledgeSoft, Inc.  One of the company benefits was that they would pay the tuition for anyone who wanted to take the Dale Carnegie Course.  I decided to take advantage of this opportunity.  I received the Personal Progress Award at the second class, in March of 2007, after giving a speech about a childhood incident and what I learned from that experience.  In May of 2007, I received the Outstanding Achievement Award.  This was a book written by Dale Carnegie and was signed by all of my classmates.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to take a photograph of the book at clearly shows what was written inside the front and back covers of the book.
Additional Awards
     I started participating in a walk to raise money for Diabetes in 1991.  When the walk originated, it was called Walktoberfest.  Years later the name of the event was changed to America's Walk for Diabetes.  In 2007 the name of the event was once again changed to Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes.  In 1995, I was the top fundraiser for the walk.  Back then it was still referred to as Walktoberfest.  At that time, the American Diabetes Association did not hand out awards for fundraising so I was surprised in late November of that year when I received this letter.  I had no idea until that day that I had raised the most money that year.  It was a very generous gift by the Harrisburg Hilton and Towers.
     In 1997, I was the top fundraiser in the Walktoberfest.  This year was the first year that America's Walk for Diabetes was added to the event name.  A couple of years later, Walktoberfest was dropped from the name and it was just referred to as America's Walk for Diabetes.
     In 1999, after my kidney failure, I still participated in the walk each year but did not raise as much money due to issues with my health.  In 2003, I decided to create a walk team named Enough is Enough - Cure Time.  In all of the years prior to 2003, I walked as an individual fundraiser only.  I made a comeback in 2004 when I became the second top fundraiser for that year.  They forgot the "s" on my last name but that doesn't matter.  I wasn't walking for the award anyway.
     In 2005, I received the award as the second place top individual fundraiser.  Monique Ullum, the President of Cumberland Valley Motors, Inc. has taken the top fundraising spot ever since she started participating in the walk.  She has been able to raise a lot of money each year and I have not been able to overtake her fundraising amount but it will never stop me from trying.  Competition is always good.
     In 2005, my team Enough is Enough - Cure Time took second place in fundraising that year in the category of Friends and Family Teams.  The other team category is Corporate Teams.  In 2005, there were four members of my team.  Two were from out of state.  They raised money for the walk but were unable to participate in the walk that year.  Me and my Mother are the two team members in this picture.
     In 2006, I was once again a top individual fundraiser.
     In 2007, the event name had been changed to Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes.  The number of walkers and teams grows each year so the competition has increased.  My team, Enough is Enough - Cure Time was the third highest fundraising team in 2008.  The team currently consists of me and my Mother.

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