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Bathroom Remodel
     I had the main bathroom remodeled.  Here are pictures after each phase of the remodel.  This all started with a leak on the handle of the bathroom sink.  I had a replacement faucet installed and that is when it was discovered that a slow leak had developed in the base of the faucet underneath, causing extensive rust and damage to the cabinet and wall. Since the tub and shower unit (one piece) had the same type of faucet handle, I decided at that point to replace the tub and shower with a shower unit since the tub part had not been used in almost 20 years. The tub also had a hole which was patched up but looked like it could break open again at any time.
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Phase 1 - Shower (Dec. 7, 2006)
     The shower was installed by Re•Bath & More (located in Lancaster, PA) today.  The ceiling around the ceiling fan was crumbing. Because the ceiling is textured, in order to fix that section I would most likely have had to have the whole ceiling redone. Instead, I bought a lighting medallion and cut the 4 inch hole to 6 1/2 inches and used the current rectangular grill to hold it in place and cover the problem area around the fan.
     This is a picture of the bottom section of the shower.  You probably cannot see it very well but the wall paper is in bad shape in areas and pealing off. Phase 2 (tomorrow) Re•Bath & More will be replacing the walls with the same type of pattern as the shower (walls will also be acrylic).
     Here you can see the shower shelving.  ReBath & More put the rubber ducky in there.   I have decided it will stay but will be moved to the top.  You can also see part of the handle on the back wall.
Ducky's close up.
     The new shower head has a stationary piece and a moveable piece.  A simple twist of a knob on the base of the stationary head switches the flow from one head to the other.
     The new faucet handle is a simple turn. The old faucet required the handle to be pulled out and turned right for cold and left for hot.  It became increasing difficult to pull out and it leaked from the center screw holding the handle on.
     The base of the shower is a non-slip surface.  I tested it by getting a lot of soap on it and never slipped once.
     Here is another picture of the other side of the shower base.  The base is straight. It is the floor that is crooked. The floor is an old type vinyl that shrunk and separated from many parts of the wall. It will be replaced on December 28.

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