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Bathroom Remodel
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Phase 6 - Toilet (Jan. 11, 2007)
     I ordered 2 Drake ADA Two Piece Toilets, 1.6 GPF with SoftClose seats.  It is a sedona beige toilet.  I ordered this through R. F. Fager Company (located in Camp Hill, PA).  Secco Home Services (located in Camp Hill, PA) did the installation on January 11, 2007.  Even though the master bathroom has not been remodeled (yet), both toilets needed replaced so Secco Home Services installed a second toilet in the master bathroom.  It is the same model but in a cotton white color.
     I researched low-flow toilets and a few reports became a determining factor in purchasing this particular brand.  Here is one of those reports.  Terry Love's Consumer Toilet Reports.

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