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Cozumel, Mexico
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All of the pictures I took in Cozumel, Mexico were taken with disposable
cameras and have no date stamps since my digital camera died near the end of the day
when we were in the Cayman Islands.
Pictures I took as we pulled into port in Cozumel, Mexico.
This picture was taken as we left the ship and walked the long dock to shore.
My sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and I took a cab into town to visit
the museum.  We decided to tour the area before going to the museum.
My sister and nephew pose with a statute that looks a lot like Elton John.
Some of the ships parked offshore.
This picture was taken at the museum.
This map shows where Cozumel Mexico is located.
My nephew with a man at the museum who took about a half hour discussing
the history of Cozumel, Mexico.  He demonstrated how many of the items
in this hut are used.  This exibit is actually located outside in the back of the museum.
My brother-in-law asked our cab driver where the best beach was in Cozumel.
He recommended Paradise Beach.  It was quite a long drive to get there, but
was well worth it.  It was a small fee to enter the beach but everythng was
included with that fee.
My nephew ready to jump off the climbing wall into the ocean.
My nephew ready to be launched into the air with bungee cords.
M newphew goes airborn.
He finally gets major air.
We were heading back to the ship as the sun was setting.
This picture was taken on the dock leading back to the ship.
Another picture from the dock.
This picturewas taken as we are about to leave Cozumel, Mexico.
Unfortunately this picture and the next one didn't come out as well since
I was using a disposable camera at dusk.

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