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Front Door Replacement
     I had the front door replaced on February 9, 2007.  The sidelights from the old door were wood, which was decaying and allowing water and cold air to get through.  The front step rubber matting was buckling exposing plywood that was not pressure treated. When rain blew on to the step it leaked into the basement.  Secco Home Services removed the old door, installed the new door with a wired doorbell, and repaired the front step.
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Finishing Touches
Before (January 21, 2007)
     I took pictures of the front door before I had it replaced.  The steel door paint is severely cracked.  An old sticker was impossible to remove.  I put a censored block over the house number in this picture.
     The sidelights were wood that had decayed and the base had holes where water leaked into the basement.
In this picture you can also see the large cracks that let a lot of drafty air into the house.
     The cracks around the single pane windows in this picture weakened the windows enough that they moved when pressed against.
In this picture the bottom window on this side had decayed wood at the base.
     The paint all over the door was cracked.  I was never able to get the child fire safety stick to come off the door(which is no longer needed).  The wood frame near the door knob and deadbolt lock was severely cracked.
     Dirt had become embedded in the cracks in the door that would not power wash out.  The only other way to fix this besides replacing the door was to strip the paint off and repaint it.
     The green rubber matting buckled under the heat and separated from the edges and plywood underneath.
The exposed plywood was not pressure treated and rain leaked into the basement.
The rubber matting was green but sunlight and dirt destroyed the color.
The dirt could not be power washed out since the plywood had been exposed.
     I used duct tape to hold the sidelights together and keep air from getting in through the cracks.  Where duct tape was not used, insulation strips were used.
     That is not frost on the windows but some type of glue that might have leaked out the edges of the window frame.

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