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Shed Removal
     The shed in the back yard was built back in 1979.  It had a roof extension off the back that protected a wood pile.  It also had a mercury lamp mounted on a 2 x 6 extending up from the very back left 4 x 4 pressure-treated post.  The lamp had an outdoor electrical cable attached to it that reached all the way to the house.  This was rolled up and placed in a hook on that back left post when not in use.  The light allowed us to see at night to get firewood and to allow for cutting and splitting of logs at night.
     The shed had deteriorated over the years.  I finally decided to have it removed.  I hired 1-800-Got-Junk.
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Before (January 11, 2008 - 7:45 am)
     Here is a view of the front of the shed about 45 minutes before 1-800-Got-Junk arrived to tear it down and haul it away. I do not even remember how many years ago the doors fell off.  The shed was built by my Dad including the concrete base.  The outside walls were plywood and came all the way down to the concrete.  The base consisted of 2 x 4's bolted to the concrete slab.  You can see in this picture that the 2 x 4's were showing through.  All of the plywood at the base all the way around had deteriorated.  Much of the 2 x 4's had also deteriorated.  Underneath the 11 in the date stamp that entire corner was gone.
     In this side picture, you can see the 2 x 4 exposed and deteriorated.  In the area of the date stamp, where it is dark, the plywood and the 2 x 4 in that whole front section was gone.
     This was the extension that covered the wood pile that used to be here.  If you look to the left you will see the post with the extension that used to have a mercury light.  When the light fell off, I cut it from the extension cord and disposed of it.  It was badly damaged when it fell.  The two support posts in the middle were deteriorated at the bottom to the point that you could move them around.  They were almost hanging from the roof structure instead of holding it up.  The back two posts were still in fairly good condition, especially the one near the tree.  Many windstorms ripped away the fiberglass roof. As pieces became dislodged, I put them inside the shed.
     Here is a closer view of the left side of the shed from the previous picture above.  It was raining and very dark out when I took these pictures.  The cement may be hard to see, since it was wet.  The entire shed was evenly inset 1/2 inch all the way around.  Because of the deterioration of the 2 x 4's at the base, the shed was no longer secured to the concrete.  The left side of the shed in this picture was now more than an inch pushed back, while the right side was moved only slightly.  In 2007 we had quite a few occasions of high sustained winds that actually moved the shed.
Here is a closer look at the inside of the shed.  It contained old lawn mowers, fencing, pieces of roof, pipes, paint cans, tires, batteries, emergency lights, etc.
     The right side of the shed was more deteriorated at the base.  The right side under the date stamp was pushed right up to the edge of the cement.  The plywood on this side basically had no paint left and was rotting.
     Here is a close-up of the base of the shed. You can see on the right side how close to the edge of the concrete base the shed had moved.  Because it was pouring down rain when I took these pictures, water got on my camera lens several times and is why there are light spots in this picture.
     Here is a picture of the back extension.  Here you can see how the 4 x 4's are slightly tilted.  As the shed shifted, it pulled the extension along with it.
     Here is a close-up picture of the section of the extended roof where the fiberglass tore away and the wood became saturated.  You can also see the remains of the plug to the mercury light.

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