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  StepOut™: Walk to Fight Diabetes
      On October 4, 2009, the StepOut: Walk to Fight Diabetes took place at City Island in Harrisburg, PA. This was my 19th year participating in the walk.  When I first participated in the walk in 1991 it was known as Walktoberfest. At some point, around 1995, the name was changed to Walktoberfest - America's Walk for Diabetes.  A few years later the Walktoberfest portion was dropped and it was known as America's Walk for Diabetes.  In 2007 it was renamed Step Out to Fight Diabetes and then renamed the Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes the following year.
     I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 1969 at the age of 18 months old.  I participate in this walk every year to raise money for research, education, and an eventual cure for diabetes. Please visit the page on my web site called My Battle With Diabetes to read my story.  
Final Results
  Goal: $2500.00
  Total Raised: $1749.68
  Amount Left To Reach Goal: $750.32
  Total Number of Sponsors: 54
 Fundraising Breakdown:
    Amount: $650.00
    Number of Sponsors: 8
    Amount: $1060.71
    Number of Sponsors: 39
  The Pampered Chef®:  
    Total Sales: $366.75  
       10% of Total: (at level) $36.68  
       15% of Total: (not at yet) $0.00  
    Current Fundraising Total: $38.97
    Number of People Who Purchased: 7
  Total Raised: $1749.68
  Total Number of Sponsors: 54
Fundraising Information
 Sponsor Me Online
  I provided a link so that visitors to this page could visit my personal walk page on the American Diabetes Association's web site in order to sponsor me online.  All online donations were tax deductible and provided a receipt when the donation was completed.
 Join a Walk in Your Area
  I provided a link so that visitors to this page could locate a walk in their area and register as an individual or form a team.
 Join My Team: Enough is Enough - Cure Time
  I provided a link so that visitors to this page could visit my walk team page on the American Diabetes Association's web site in order to join my team.
 The Pampered Chef® Fundraiser
  I provided a link so that visitors to this page could visit my The Pampered Chef® Fundraiser page on this web site.  This page provided all information on how to place an order online, by mail, or by fax so that the orders counted toward my fundraising goal. Order forms, online catalogs, and instructions were available on this page.
 Sponsor Me By Mail
  To sponsor me by mail, send a check to:
    Tom Hagens
275 Cumberland Pkwy. Plaza #114
Mechanicsburg, PA  17055
  Checks needed to be made payable to the American Diabetes Association
  Checks had to reach my mailbox no later than Saturday, October 3, 2008.
  If sponsors wanted a tax deductible receipt mailed to them, they had to provide a proper return address on their envelopes or on a note within their envelopes when mailing their donations.
Randy Beam
Fay Bishop (+TPC)
Kathleen Borek (TPC)
The Brenner Family
Audrey Butler
Dan Crowell
Dailey Eye Associates, P.C.
Karen Dickert
Kathy Dowling
Dan Ebner
Doug Frick
Jeff Gibson
Virginia Grim (TPC)
Marion Hagens (+TPC)
Timothy and Mary Hagens in memory of Jean Morton
Tom Hagens (+TCP)
Walter and Patricia Hagens
Rich Hoak
Clint Hoffman
Meg Holden
Wayne Jeffreys
Larry Kocevar
Jeanette Lamason
Nora Langan
Linda Liddick
Christine Livingston
Jon and Debbie Mattis
Ed Mattos
Erin Mattos
Frank Mattos
Kelly Mitchell
Matt Nielsen
Dale and Laurie Ober
Lindsay Oechler
Pennsylvania Retina Specialists, P.C.
Francis X. Perna, MD
Charles Ritter
Greg Sheaffer
Paul Sheaffer
Donna Schlegel
Melinda Sievers
Society of Farm Women #17
Rob Stoddard
Tammy S. Strube (TPC)
Rosemary Swigert
Janet Tauer
Monique Ullom (TPC)
Matt and Tina Jo Wallace
Tom Welker
Marlin Yohn
Unknown Name (will replace when I find out)
     Thank you to all of the fantastic individuals who have sponsored me in this event.
          TCP   - Individual sponsored through a The Pampered Chef® order.
          +TCP - Individual sponsored through a donation plus a The Pampered Chef® order.
Contact Information
 Tom Hagens
  Phone: 717-880-1426
     Please contact me if you have any questions about this fundraiser.

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