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Diabetes Walks Before 2006
     Every year since 1991, I have participated in walks to raise money for diabetes research and education for the American Diabetes Association.  Each walk occurred at City Island in Harrisburg, PA.  When I first participated in the walk in 1991, it was known as Walktoberfest.  At some point around 1995, the name was changed to Walktoberfest - America's Walk for Diabetes.  A few years later the Walktoberfest portion was dropped and it was known as America's Walk for Diabetes. It continued to be named America's Walk for Diabetes until 2007.
     I participated in each walk as an individual walker until 2003 when I started the walk team Enough is Enough - Cure Time.
     Before 2006, I did not keep records of each walk I participated in.  This page contains pictures of items from past years that I kept.
     In 1995, I was the top fundraiser for the walk.  Back then it was still referred to as Walktoberfest.  At that time, the American Diabetes Association did not hand out awards for fundraising so I was surprised in late November of that year when I received this letter.  I had no idea until that day that I had raised the most money that year.  It was a very generous gift by the Harrisburg Hilton and Towers.
     In 1997, I was the top fundraiser in the Walktoberfest.  This year was the first year that America's Walk for Diabetes was added to the event name.  It was also the first year that the Greater Harrisburg Area Chapter decided to give awards for all of their various fundraisers.  A couple of years later, Walktoberfest was dropped from the name and it was just referred to as America's Walk for Diabetes.
     In 1999, after my kidney failure, I still participated in the walk each year but did not raise as much money due to issues with my health.  In 2003, I decided to create a walk team named Enough is Enough - Cure Time.  In all of the years prior to 2003, I walked as an individual fundraiser only.  I made a comeback in 2004 when I became the second top fundraiser for that year.  They forgot the "s" on my last name but that doesn't matter.  I wasn't walking for the award anyway.
     In 2005, I received the award as the second place top individual fundraiser.  Monique Ullum, the President of Cumberland Valley Motors, Inc. has taken the top fundraising spot ever since she started participating in the walk.  She has been able to raise a lot of money each year and I have not been able to overtake her fundraising amount but it will never stop me from trying.  Competition is always good.
     In 2005, my team Enough is Enough - Cure Time took second place in fundraising that year in the category of Friends and Family Teams.  The other team category is Corporate Teams.  In 2005, there were four members of my team.  Two were from out of state.  They raised money for the walk but were unable to participate in the walk that year.  Me and my Mother are the two team members in this picture.

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